ReCell In The News 2024

Public and private sector leaders align to enhance battery end-of-life opportunities

Argonne National Laboratory
A Li-Bridge forum delved into what the private sector sees as the biggest supply chain challenges, how it can address them on its own and where it needs help from the public sector.

The World Needs to Crack Battery Recycling, Fast

The shift to electric vehicles is exciting, but it will leave us with thousands of tonnes of spent batteries.

How to recycle an EV battery

PNAS Journal
The upswing in EV sales means a flood of used batteries in the coming years. What’s the best way to minimize their environmental impact and reuse precious minerals?

US DOE announces $131 mn for R&D in EV battery, charging systems

Emerging Technology News
The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has announced more than $131 million for projects to advance research and development (R&D) in EV batteries and charging systems, also funding a consortium to address critical priorities for the next phase of widescale EV commercialization.