The best innovation is born from collaboration. The ReCell Center offers multiple avenues for collaborating with outside groups to reduce manufacturing costs, increase supply chain reliability, and create higher value recycled products. Licensing and contractual agreements vary based on the particular situation.

Steps to Improving Your Battery Manufacturing and Recycling:

  1. Contact the ReCell Center for a consultation to decide which of the research focus areas would best meet the needs of your industry or area of study.
  2. Select the type of work agreement you prefer.
  3. Help shape the research and prototypes by sharing insights into your industry’s manufacturing constraints, type of uses for batteries and materials, and industry challenges.
  4. License pilot technologies to commercialize in your home labs.

Strategic Partnership Project

A Strategic Partnership Project (SPP) is a contract that enables your company to pay the laboratory to perform a defined scope of work with tasks that draw upon the unique facilities, equipment and personnel of the laboratory. With certain Department of Energy approvals, the sponsor may obtain ownership of both inventions and data generated under an SPP.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is a cost-shared research and development agreement that allows your company to work collaboratively with Argonne to share technical expertise, develop novel technologies/solutions and access intellectual property emerging from the effort.

Technical Service Agreement

Similar to a Strategic Partnership Project (SPP), a Technical Service Agreement (TSA) is a cost-reimbursable service contract intended for short-term projects under $250,000 and is limited to domestic organizations. These agreements do not involve R&D. The sponsor typically can designate data/results as proprietary.

Collaboration Proposals

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