ReCell In The News 2022

Argonne Scientists Tackle Different Aspects of Climate Change
From simulating climate to creating more fuel-efficient vehicles, Argonne is home to many teams that tackle different aspects of climate change. Here are a few of those innovators.

Biden Administration Begins $3 Billion Plan for Electric Car Batteries
The Biden administration plans to begin a $3.1 billion effort on Monday to spur the domestic production of advanced batteries, which are essential to its plan to speed the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy.

National effort seeks solutions to lithium battery waste
WCNC Charlotte
With the rise of electric vehicles comes a demand for high-performing batteries. But what happens when those batteries decline?

Challenges continue to grow as the EV battery recycling market advances

American Recycler
Open any news website and you’d be hard pressed not to find information on the growth of the electric vehicle marketplace. With that growth, recyclers’ attention is increasingly focused on the eventual influx of the lithium-ion batteries used within these vehicles, including new recycling facilities, legislative issues and challenges that come with this new technology.

Establishing closed-loop EV battery recycling
SAE International
A century of experience is helping Clarios build the lithium-reuse network.

Contaminant Identification Refines Recycling For Lithium-Ion Batteries
News Azi
As the predominant choice for high-powered personal electronics, electric vehicles, and grid-scale storage solutions, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries continue to dominate the marketplace. To meet clean energy goals of the future, researchers must develop safe and sustainable recycling processes for these batteries.

Innovations in End of Life Lithium-Ion Battery Disposal & Recycling
To make a lithium-ion battery, the components have to be mined and refined. Cathodes are built, and the batteries are manufactured. When those batteries no longer hold a charge, they have to be recycled to reclaim as many metals and plastics as possible.

Recycled Lithium-Ion Batteries Can Perform Better Than New Ones
Scientific American
A novel method of recycling such batteries could help meet skyrocketing demand.

Scientists invent method to recycle environmentally-damaging lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars that sees the cells crushed into ‘black dust’ before being separated into valuable component metals
Daily Mail
Lithium-ion batteries, found in cellphones, electric vehicles and laptops, present a future toxic waste disaster, as they run out, but a startup claims to have the solution.

Mass. startup transforms old electric car batteries into better-than-new ones
90.9 WBUR
The switch to electric vehicles is accelerating worldwide. There are about 10 million battery-powered vehicles on the road today, and by the end of the decade, the International Energy Agency predicts there could be 230 million.