ReCell In The News 2021

Argonne Scientists Lead Effort to Improve Economics of Recycling
Chicago Tonight/WTTW News
Monday is America Recycles Day, but the reality is that America doesn’t recycle nearly enough – reusing only around a third of all the trash it creates. That has prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to announce a National Recycling Strategy.

Breakthrough Research Makes Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries More Economical
California News Time
Lithium-ion batteries are the current and future engine of our technology. They power portable electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles (EVs), which are becoming more popular. However, the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries, especially in automobiles, outweighs the technology for recycling them. Scientists at the ReCell Center, now the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, the first advanced battery recycling research and development center in the United States, remove one of the biggest obstacles to manufacturing. I made a very important discovery. Recycling lithium-ion batteries is economically feasible.

Tribes and environmental groups ask feds to favor metal recycling over new mines
The Arizona Republic/
A coalition of tribes and environmental groups asked the U.S. Department of the Interior to create new, stricter hard rock mining rules and to prioritize metal and rare earth recycling over mining.

Old EV Batteries Look Like a Gold Mine for Dogged Entrepreneurs
Dismantling them to recover cobalt, lithium, and nickel could limit the environmental impact of car manufacturing. But for now it’s still a money-losing endeavor.