The ReCell Center is a national collaboration of industry, academia and national laboratories working together to advance recycling technologies along the entire battery life-cycle for current and future battery chemistries.


The ReCell Center aims to grow a sustainable advanced battery recycling industry by developing economic and environmentally sound recycling process that can be adopted by industry for lithium-ion and future battery chemistries.


Using science-based strategies to remove the high-risk barriers to economical lithium-ion battery recycling could reduce waste, create jobs, encourage increased adoption of electric vehicles, and reduce the US reliance on foreign supplies of critical materials and mined metals used in battery materials.

Key R&D goals:

  • Establish a national DOE advanced and lithium-ion battery recycling R&D center to accelerate recycling research of current and future battery chemistries to drive cost-effective recycling and new battery designs.
  • Create new electrode and cell designs, enabling cell rejuvenation and more effective material recovery during recycling.
  • Develop new processes to enable cathode-to-cathode recycling of cathode powders using temperatures below 900° Celcius.
  • Develop new processes to recover battery materials that are currently not recovered and end up in the waste stream.
  • Assess the economic value and impacts on the recycling stream of end-of-life options.