ReCell In The News 2020

The drive to recycle lithium-ion batteries
September 14, 2020
Electric vehicles are surging in popularity but Patrick Hughes asks what happens once their batteries are no longer fit for purpose.
Is the World Ready for the EV Battery Boom?
Popular Mechanics
August 3, 2020
The demand for EV batteries is increasing. Are we ready to supply them—and recycle them—responsibly?
What to do with those electric car batteries once they’re finished
Federal News Network
July 24, 2020
Electric cars seemed like a great idea until one considers that someday the batteries will require disposal. Owners can’t just bury them or stack them up somewhere.
Growing a Globally Competitive U.S. Recycling Industry for Lithium-Ion Batteries
July 9, 2020
In February 2019, the U.S. Department of Energy launched the ReCell Center, an advanced battery recycling R&D center, to solve the problem of how to recycle lithium-ion batteries in the United States.
‘Million-mile’ batteries are coming. Are they a revolution?
July 6, 2020
Electric vehicles (EVs) have a clear environmental advantage over their gas-guzzling counterparts, but when it comes to longevity, the two are in a dead heat.
Recycled critical materials put battery supply chains in US hands
ReCell News
May 26, 2020
The use of lithium-ion batteries has surged in recent years, starting with electronics and expanding into many applications, including the growing electric and hybrid vehicle industry. But the technologies to optimize recycling of these batteries has not kept pace.
Researchers, businesses finding ways to repurpose and recycle electric car batteries
WTMJ-TV Milwaukee
March 18, 2020
By 2040, more than half of new car sales and a third of all cars on the road across the world are projected to be electric, according to
A Win-Win Opportunity: EV Battery Recycling, the Environment and Energy Security
The Fuse
January 16, 2020
While recycling end-of-life EV batteries presents both opportunities and challenges, sourcing critical materials for future applications holds significant potential for the domestic EV supply chain and ultimately U.S. energy security.
Making EV battery recycling safe, secure
Tribune Chronicle
January 9, 2020
Right now, it costs money to recycle EV batteries.